ProExtender Review

There are many penis enhancement products that are available, but only a few of them have been tested and proven to work effectively. ProExtender is one of most prominent penis extension devices in the market. The reason it enjoys such patronage and high rating is that it delivers long-lasting results without the need for surgery or side effects. But maybe you are wondering what ProExtender is all about. Read on to learn about this very important male enhancement device.


ProExtender was developed by Dr. Jorn Siana, a reputed Danish plastic surgeon in 1994. It works basically on the principle of traction. This is the body’s natural way of expanding itself through cell division. This process is natural, safe and has been proven to be very effective in increasing the length and girth of the penis. The traction method is not only for the enlargement of the penis since doctors from all over the world have been using it to lengthen other parts of the body for a long time. Traction can be used on the skin of burn survivors. ProExtender is a full-fledged type 1 medical device. With constant stretching of the penis on a regular basis, the cells in the penis will be forced to collapse. In the process to heal itself, the penis will be forced to encourage the growth of new cells which will invariably increase its length and girth. The device comes in two different models – ProExtender Deluxe which is suitable for flaccid penis that has a length of up to 9 inches; and ProExtender which is preferable for flaccid penis that its length is up to 7 inches. ProExtender comes with a two-inch extension bar which is what is used in stretching out the penis. The ProExtender Deluxe comes with one set of 2-inch and a second set of 2-inch extension bars. Then you also have another pair of about half an inch extension bars in the package.

What to expect from ProExtender

The following can be achieved using ProExtender: 1. A noticeable enhancement in the girth of the penis 2. Also an increase in the penis length 3. Improved circulation which leads to bigger and harder erections 4. Correction of some abnormalities in the penis curve known as Peyronie’s disease 5. And general improvement in the overall health of the penis 6. Noninvasive procedure that gets impressive sustainable results 7. Causes no discomfort or pain 8. Very easy to use 9. Several options and kits to choose from 10. Clinically tested device that is recommended by urologists in different parts of the world 11. Various testimonies online to support the effectiveness of the device 12. Comes with an extensive, peace of mind 187-day money-back guarantee 13. Can be used discreetly 14. Helps in treating penile problems such as erectile dysfunction Cons of using ProExtender 1. Takes some time to get used to when wearing the device 2. No overnight result and works over the course of some months.

How does it work?

The way the device works is that you slide the extender bars and base ring over the penis. You will also have to place the head of the penis by passing it through a silicone band. After that, you tighten the band to keep the penis from moving from side to side. You will adjust the extender bands according to the traction you want to achieve. Also, for those that got the deluxe version, they have the option to further increase the length of their penis by using the additional bars that come with the package. For a start, it is recommended that you wear it for a period of 4 to 5 hours in a day. As time goes on, you will have to increase the amount of time you wear it for up to 12 hours in a day. To be able to see encouraging results, you will have to patiently wear it for at least 2 months or 8 weeks. In that period, many people usually notice about 8 percent increase in the size of the penis. That will serve as an encouragement to wear it for an even longer period of time such as 24 weeks. That is when you can expect an increase of up to 30 percent increase in the size of the penis. Judging by this progress, it means that you get about a millimeter increase every week you wear ProExtender. But then, if you want impressive and faster result, you should pair ProExtender with VigRx Plus pill.

Our verdict

ProExender from every indication is the most effective, safest and easiest to use penis extension device for sale. Also, it would be nice to go for ProExtender and ProExtender deluxe to get maximum result in the shortest time possible. And since it comes with a long 187-day money back guarantee, there is really nothing to lose. You can get it, try it, and if you are not satisfied with the result, you can send it back for a refund. Click here and you will be taken directly to the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, I would recommend buying at minimum the silver package of VigRX Plus (4 month supply) that comes with a penis enlargement CD. Personally I found this to be most effective since I could discreetly and comfortably increase my size while taking Vigrx Plus which also does wonders for my erection quality in terms of length, stamina, and drive.