Here Are 7 Sexual Fantasies Your Partner May Be Harboring

When you are in a relationship with a lady, most times, she may be too shy to share some things with you. She may have sexual fantasies that she harbors but out of respect or wanting to be polite, she may not have the nerve to share them with you.

An anonymous group of women opened up about some of their sexual fantasies they wish they could share with their husbands but never have the guts to do so.

Ready to learn what your lady might be secretly wishing for? Let’s go then:

1. She craves more kisses

The poll showed that 63% of women that took part in the poll wished their partner could kiss them more often. Most of them complain of their partner not kissing them as often as they would have loved. For some of them, their partners only kiss them when at home and usually before going to work. For some others, their partner only kisses them on the lip and no tongue is involved in the act.

So, guys, it’s about time you put some effort into kissing your lady more often. You will find her willing to do things she used to do grudgingly with ease. Besides, a sex counselor, Aleece Fosnight, says kissing for as long as 2 minutes will help release the feel-good neurotransmitters, improve your libido and energy by increasing the testosterone level in your body.

2. She wants you to go harder

You have been with her for so long, so you assume you know her preference when it comes to lovemaking. Sorry to burst your bubble but she wants you to go harder and be rough with her most of the times. Research shows that 65% of women as contained in a piece published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, wants their men to sexually dominate them. Some of them want to be pulled by the hair, while many want him to get really rough with them.

To avoid getting disappointed in her lack of interest in doing things differently, why not bring up the issue and get her opinion about it. You might be surprised with her answer.

3. She wishes sex toys can be introduced into your sex life

If you are not open-minded in your relationship, your partner may have sex toys she is hiding from you. While you think you are keeping her satisfied, she might be waiting for the time you will sleep off or go to work so she can get to work on herself.

Ask her how she truly feels about sex toys and if she would like to use it. You both may get to revive your sex life by just mutually introducing it.

4. She thinks about being with women too

I know this one might sound a little tricky, but a study found that many women fantasize about being with other women while still being in a relationship with their men.

If you find that she loves watching lesbian porn, she might be secretly harboring secrets of getting down with a girl. You could bring it up and see how she reacts to the thought of it. Don’t be judgmental about it and make sure that if you are going to go through with it, that both of set ground rules.

5. She is wondering what a threesome with another man will look like

Well, this is only a thought and does not mean she is tired of being in a relationship with you. Some couples have tried having a threesome either to satisfy their fantasies or to satisfy a partner’s desire. Agreeably, if you must get into a threesome with another going down on your partner, you must also ensure that both of you have set ground rules.

Preferably, the other guy will be someone that does not stay in the same town with you. And the act should not be done in your home. If having a threesome is something she really wants, you could give it a try and see how it goes. She might end up not liking the end result after all.

6. She wishes for a ‘real’ orgasm

Don’t get mad at this discovery because it is as real as real can be. Many women do not get to get an orgasm when they are with their men. And yes, they can achieve this by pleasuring themselves when you have gone to the shower to wash off, but she is secretly wondering how it would feel to really come with you, or at least reach an orgasm when she is with you.

Since nothing ruins a good relationship as fast as sexual dissatisfaction, you can ask her to touch herself while you are going in and out of her. Get to spend more time with pleasuring her and touching her vital parts before going for the thrusts.

You can have her dictate the pace at which you thrust so as to increase the chance of her reaching an orgasm as well.

7. She may yearn for sex more often than you know

It is not unnatural to see a woman with a higher sex drive than the partner. She is not to be blamed or made to feel like a whore if she is demanding for sex more often than you are willing to get involved.

This wouldn’t be an issue if two of you are open to each other about your sexual needs. And if you suspect that she is withholding her feelings in this area, feel free to bring it up. You both can reach a compromise on how to manage the situation so that it doesn’t ruin your relationship.

Wrapping it up

Women, as well as men, have sexual fantasies and it isn’t supposed to be frowned upon. Learn to be more open with your partner and get to ‘really’ know how she feels about some of the issues we listed above.

That is a good way to stay in love and enjoy a more satisfying relationship with your partner.

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