Guys Here’s How To Have An Intense Orgasm

There are so many things guys are willing to talk about. But, when it comes to issues regarding sex, men are hardly interested in sharing tips and tricks that work for them.

This is why we had to seek the help of sexologists who have dealt with a lot of sex-related issues and know what works and what doesn’t.

There are so many topics about how to have great sex, make a woman fall for you and a whole lot of other discussions.

However, we are a little bit more interested in how to help you have an intense and lasting orgasm. You would agree that the feeling is totally out of this world.

Here are some tips we learned from the sexologists:

1. Kegels to the rescue – it’s funny that Kegels is being brought into men issues more often these days. This is an exercise that before now was reserved for women who are looking to tighten their vagina muscles especially during and after pregnancy.

Well, did you know that Kegels also help women have a more satisfying orgasm? Now you know. And that is why it is also being recommended for men. How it works is that it contracts the pelvic floor muscles so that you have more control during sex and an even more intense orgasm at that. How to detect the muscle to work on is the one you hold back when trying to pee.

Yeah, contract that muscle and hold for 5 to 10 seconds and release. Repeat 10 times. You can do it as much as you want at different times of the day. You will notice a positive change in your orgasm.

2. Reach for your perineum or taint – this may sound alien or technical. Actually, the perineum or taint refers to that strip of skin that is found between your scrotum and butt. If you haven’t tried it yet, you will be amazed at what you have been missing all these while.

That part of the body is filled with a lot of nerves which is why it is very sensitive. When you apply pressure to this area, you will have an intense orgasm and possible multiple orgasms. Why this is possible is because by stroking that area, you are stimulating your prostate gland. You can place your finger there until you achieve the right pressure. You can also ask your partner to do it for you especially during oral sex.

3. Hold back – the last thing you want to do is hold back during sex, especially when you are on the verge of ejaculating. Meanwhile, holding back or “edging” according to a study carried out and published in the Journal of Sex Research has it that this action can help men achieve an intense orgasm.

How it works is that you hold back when you are like 90% there and pausing. Start again slowly and try holding back up to 3 times during sex. By the time you orgasm; it is going to be explosive.

4. Get your testosterone all revved up – when you have more of this hormone in your blood when involved in sexual intercourse, you tend to orgasm big. This is the same hormone that your body produces when you are excited or working out. You can try getting more of it in your bloodstream by going for a jog or run before getting freaky under the sheet.

5. Try a change of diet – there is no doubt that when you decide to change from unhealthy eating to a healthy one, your life will be better for it. Everything about you including your sex life gets a big boost.

You will be in great shape when you eat the right foods such as greens like cabbage, bok choy, and kale which are good sources of folate. Spinach also dilates the blood vessels so that you have more blood flowing to the penile region and other parts of the body.

While at it, add eggs because they are rich in B vitamins that help in getting rid of stress and increasing libido resulting in better orgasm.

Whole grains and oats are a great way to increase the male sex hormone – testosterone – for an enjoyable sex and intense orgasm.

6. Breath along with your thrusts – this is another discovery that has a huge advantage on the type of orgasm you end up with. Make sure your thrust and your breathing is the same rhythm. At the point where you are about to come, you will notice an increase in the rate of your breathing, still, try to go slow to encourage more blood flow and oxygen to your genitals for a stronger orgasm.

7. Pay attention to the physical – many guys fantasize about their partner or that hot porn they finished watching. This is the reason why many guys shut their eyes during sex because they are in another world trying to imagine they are in that world. Well, if you would like to experience a better orgasm, it’s time to focus on the moment and on your partner. You will certainly notice that your orgasm is better for it.

So, there you have our 7 tips to help you reach an intensive orgasm. You would agree that it does not get better than this.

These tips have been tested and proven to work each and every time. If you find that any of the tips do not work for you, you can always try out other tips.

Some of them may seem like a little hard work, however, if having a great sex and an intense orgasm is something you love, then you won’t mind going through with it.

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