Erect penis in the morning: what you should know and when to worry

Have you ever woken up from sleep in the morning and noticed that your penis is erect? That is what is referred to as nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) or commonly known as morning wood. It is very common among young men as well as men of different ages.

For many men, morning wood is as a result of sexual stimulation or urge. While this may be part of the reason for the morning wood, it is not the only reason for an erect penis in the morning. When you wake up with such, it is your body’s way of responding to many things that go on in your system.

There are some reasons doctors say is the reason for morning wood. Some of these include:

Hormonal shift

The level of testosterone (the male hormone) in your body is at its peak in the morning, especially the first time you open your eyes. This is referred to as that time you experience rapid eye movement at wake. This increase may cause you to have an erection without necessarily being stimulated. This hormone is usually at its peak in men younger than 40 years and tends to reduce after 40 and 50 years of age.

Physical stimulation

This is no doubt one major reason a penis will be erect whether it is in the morning, afternoon or at night. Just as earlier pointed out, physical stimulation is not the only reason your penis would be erect in the morning, but physical stimulation is surely one major reason you would experience morning wood. Although your body is resting, it does not mean that your subconscious mind is no longer working. You could be aroused if your genital touches your partner. Or if your partner consciously or unconsciously touches your body in a stimulating way.

Brain relaxation

During the day when you are active, your body produces and releases a hormone that is meant to keep you from having erections. While this may sound serious, it is not so strong to prevent you from having an erection when sexually aroused, but it can keep you from embarrassing yourself when in an elevator with an attractive lady.

However, when you are asleep, your body does not release much of this hormone which could also be part of the reasons you can easily experience morning wood.

Things that are not responsible for morning erection

While we have established the things that can cause morning wood, we have to also state the ones that are not responsible for morning wood.

To start with, morning wood is not as a result of the male body trying to hold on to urine. This is a widely held belief among many people but this is not so.

Another thing to note is that morning wood is not as a result of the thoughts and dreams you had. And like we have already noted, it is not always a result of sexual stimulation. There are a lot of reasons a man can experience morning wood.

Who should get morning wood?

Morning wood can be experienced by any male as early as 6 years of age and as late as 70 years. It starts declining as a man ages or when issues of erectile dysfunction set in. Morning erection is actually a sign that all is well with the nervous system and that the blood around the penis is functioning properly.

Morning wood can last up to 30 minutes or for hours for some men. As a man, do not be afraid when you experience such erection up to 5 times in a night as this is normal. Just know that when you are fully awake, the erection will ease off within minutes.

When to worry

As already stated, morning wood is to be experienced by men of different ages, especially younger men in their youth. Since the presence of morning erection is an indication that your nerve supply and blood flow to the penis is working well, the absence of it should also call for some concern.

Older men of 50 years and above may not experience morning wood as frequent as they used to do in their youth. However, for a young person who used to have morning wood and suddenly stops experiencing it, it could be an indication of an underlying medical issue.

Sometimes, painkillers and other medications may prevent you from experiencing morning wood. However, and in many cases, the absence of morning wood could point to erectile dysfunction.

You are likely to experience erectile dysfunction if you are diabetic, have high blood pressure, are overweight, have high cholesterol levels or going through depression.

When to see a doctor

If you have a normal sex life and have no issue with fertility, you may not really worry about the absence of morning wood. It could be that you are going through a phase in your life. But if you start having the following experiences, you should definitely check with the doctor:

Sudden absence of morning wood

Remember that age can reduce the frequency of your morning wood occurrence. But if you are still in your prime and used to experience morning wood very often but noticed that it stopped abruptly, then you should see your doctor. This is to rule out any underlying medical situation.

Painful erections

Your erections in the morning should not be accompanied by pain. If you find that you have a painful erection after waking up and that it lasts for up to an hour, you may want to check in with the doctor.

Finally, there is no hard and fast rule about how often you should get morning wood. For some men, it is a daily occurrence while some others may experience it every other day or weekly as they age.

The important thing here is to pay attention to your body and note how often yours occurs. If it stops abruptly or the frequency is becoming very inconsistent while you are still in your prime, it will be worth checking with your doctor to make sure everything is alright.

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