Benefits and Side Effects of Masturbation

The name masturbation is not new to many folks. This is because many people had at one point in their lives gotten involved in the act. This has made masturbation a common activity and a way by which many explore their body and get to relieve themselves of built-up sexual tension.

Masturbation is not limited to race, background or gender. It can also be practiced by anyone despite his or her age. With many people getting involved in masturbation, it, therefore, makes one wonder if this act is safe for health and if it has side effects.

We shall be going deeper into this to equip you with the information you need to know about masturbation.

What is masturbation?

Masturbation is caressing of the sex organs to achieve sexual satisfaction or orgasm. It involves the use of the hand or other sex toys to achieve this purpose.

Now that we have explained what masturbation is, it’s time to know if it has any benefits for those who get involved in the act.

Benefits of masturbation

From all indication, masturbation is a safe sexual activity that has many mental and physical health benefits. Excessive masturbation is another issue to consider as this may not be very healthy for an individual. Aside from that, masturbation has not posed any health danger for those who practice it. Just like sexual intercourse, masturbation can help an individual with the following challenges:

A better understanding of one’s sexual personality

Helps in relieving stress and help you relax

Allows for quality sleep

Relieves sexual pressure and tension

Improves one’s mood

Helps in relieving cramps

Helps in achieving orgasm

Helps in preventing unwanted pregnancy

Prevents sexually transmitted infection and HIV

These are just a few of some of the benefits. Now that we have looked at the benefit, we shall also find out if masturbation has any side effect.

Side effects of masturbation

As earlier mentioned, masturbation has no side effect except if it becomes excessive to the point that it affects your relationship with your partner. However, there are some people who feel guilty after getting involved in the act.


Some religious, cultural, and spiritual beliefs can make some people feel guilty after achieving sexual satisfaction through masturbation. Some of these beliefs preach the message that masturbation is a shameful and dirty act that reduces ones sexual morality to a deplorable state. While some people have been able to practice sexual abstinence which includes masturbation, others find it hard to control their sexual urge and resort to masturbation in absence of a sexual partner.


Just with most things in life, masturbation can become addictive. Some people get involved in masturbation to the extent that it affects their relationship with their partners. If you find that you prefer to pleasure yourself than being with your partner, you may be suffering from addiction to masturbation.

If masturbation makes you skip work or school, or miss social events, you may be addicted to it. Another thing, if you find yourself masturbating as frequent as possible in a day, you most certainly may be addicted to addiction.

When you get to the point of being addicted to masturbation, it might affect your daily activities and most importantly, your relationship because you will prefer to be alone than with loved ones. It may get to the point where it takes up most of your time so that you dwell mostly on getting pleasure from the act.

What to do about excessive masturbation

If you fall into the category of people who have become addicted to masturbation, it may be a good idea to seek for help. You can choose to speak to a sex therapist that will work with you and help you overcome or at least manage your addiction.

You can also try replacing masturbation with other activities whenever the urge comes. Some people find that taking a walk, choosing to spend time with loved ones, writing a journal or listening to a motivational tape helps them overcome the desire to masturbate.

Can masturbation decrease sexual sensitivity?

Some studies conducted showed that masturbation helps people with sexual dysfunction achieve better sexual sensitivity and desire. Just like vibrators, masturbation was found to help men and women in getting aroused and performing better in sexual activity.

Masturbation has also been shown to help women achieve an increase in vaginal lubrication. It has also helped men achieve better erectile function.

On the other hand, masturbation can actually reduce sensitivity in men. The reason is due to the tight grip of the penis when masturbating. Therefore, when such a person is involved in sex with a female, the individual may find it hard reaching orgasm because the walls of the vagina are not as hard as the tight grip from masturbating with the hand.

To help with this situation, sex therapists recommend using different techniques to help in restoring sensitivity.

Can masturbation help in preventing prostate cancer?

Studies have shown that men who ejaculated as often as 21 times in a month reduce their chances of prostate cancer by up to 20%. While some doctors are not so sure what the relationship between the two is, it is safe to say that ejaculating as often as possible in a month is quite beneficial to a man.

This is another way masturbation can be of help as you do not necessarily need your sexual partner to be present before you can achieve orgasm.

It is also important to note that women with high-risk pregnancies should avoid masturbation as this may bring on early labor and preterm birth.

In conclusion, we have been able to state the benefits and side effects of masturbation. It is a safe and natural way to get relief from sexual tension when done in moderation. It does not really have any side effect on your health; however, it can affect other areas of your life.

Another thing, the issue of whether masturbation is right or wrong is entirely dependent on the person’s belief of what is morally right and what isn’t.

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