10 Sex Tips For A Better Sex Life.

There is one thing that is at the back of most men – and women. What could this be? You may ask. Well, it is nothing but the old long desire to have a better sex life.

No matter how long you have been in a relationship, you would agree that there comes a time when it seems like your sexual activity with your partner is going south.

Does this situation apply to you? Want to hear the good news? You are certainly not alone. And today, we will be taking a look at what you could do to get back to your sexual peak days when you used to set her on fire.

And even if you are a macho man, you would agree that a little boost to your sex life wouldn’t be a bad idea. Here are things you could try with your partner starting from tonight:

1. Help out with the house chore – you want to put your partner in the right mood for sex, right? Try helping her out today with some of the chores she normally handles. The real foreplay happens outside the bedroom and found in little things as engaging in carrying out chores together.

2. Treat your body right – the best way to take care of your life and by extension – your sex life – is to eat healthily and work out. Working out for at least 3 times in a week is a great way to stay in shape. It will also ensure that your endorphins and libido will be up. When you eat foods that are low in cholesterol, you tend to have your cardiovascular system circulating enough blood. And we both know how important this circulation is to your sexual health.

3. Beware of overdoing it – yes, working out especially with your partner will ensure that both of you are in the best shape for a wonderful sex life. However, you should not indulge in too much working out as this can have the opposite effect. Too much exercise can lead to fatigue, exertion or low energy as well as mood swings. Stick to the 3 days a week rule and you should be fine.

4. Talk about it – if your sex life seems to be dwindling, it is a good time to talk about it with your partner. Your partner could reveal what it is that she thinks you should work on to enhance your sex life. She could point out that you need to work out, be more affectionate or romantic. And this goes for your partner as well. Whatever it is, it always goes a long way in talking about your sex life and not sweeping it under the carpet.

5. Try abstinence – this may sound weird to you, but a sex therapist, Mandel suggest that abstaining from sex for some time can actually revamp your weak sex life. Not only will it help in building up your desire for sex with your partner, but will also make the experience feel like it’s out of this world when you eventually resume your sexual activity. You could try abstaining for some days or a week and not more than that. Try it and thank me later!

6. Plan ahead – you could plan a certain vacation, a weekend getaway without the kids. This will give both of you something to think about and look forward to. If you cannot afford a getaway or a vacation yet, why not make use of what you already have? You could send her a message from the office and let her know you are missing her. And while at it, let her know how you wish you could take her to cloud 9. Believe me; she will be waiting to tear you up by the time you get home.

7. Get her romantic lingerie – sex does not have to be boring. You can spice up your sex life by getting your partner something sexy to put on for you before the act. Agreeably, it will be gotten rid of during the act, but it sure is a great way to put you and your partner in the mood again.

8. Bring back the foreplay – when you are in a relationship with someone for some time, it is normal to turn sex into a pattern. Many times, this means no foreplay. That is where most of us get it wrong. Women do not care about penetration as much as they love foreplay. Form the habit of engaging her in foreplay before the real deal. Not only will you end up with a satisfied partner who will be more willing to satisfy you, but you will leave her with memories to cherish for many days to come.

9. Explore with your home – why not try something new like having sex in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the garage, or in the car. Sex should be spontaneous sometime. And such sex acts are the ones that leave you and your partner deeply satisfied and closer. Don’t wait for nighttime anymore. Get in the tub with her and wash her hair and body. Time to create memories in your home. Get creative!

10. Switch lead roles – if you are usually the one in-charge of lovemaking, it may be a good time to have your partner take the lead. Let her take charge from the beginning. This includes sending you sexy messages in the day, getting you sexy gifts like sensual cologne. Let her decide where the act should take place and ultimately taking charge in determining the tempo and rhythm of the lovemaking. You will be surprised at how much fun it will be for both of you.

These 10 tips will have you enjoying a great sex life with your partner again. You mustn’t try out all the tips, but take them one after the other and you will love the result you get.

Here’s toasting to your new found wonderful sex life!

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