I took the time to go over the internet in search of the best male enhancement supplement there is and only one name seems to reverberate all over. That name is VigRx Plus pills. I read many articles on it and found out that many people even health professionals recommend this pill. I also got to read up on many articles on it and discovered that many have sworn that this pill increased their penis size. Well, I’m not one to rave about a product or blindly follow recommendations without data to back it up. For this reason, I carried out more research on this pill and here are the things I discovered about it. At the end of this review article, I will be stating my stand on it. Please read on.

What is VigRx Plus?

VigRx Plus is a male enhancement supplement that is designed to aid the function of the penis by increasing blood flow to the tissue of the penis for a stronger and rock-solid hardness. The drug also claims to cure erectile dysfunction. Another thing the pill promises to do is to enhance sexual urge. This means that for those with low libido, this pill will restore their libido back to its natural state for an improved sexual experience. How true are the claims made by VigRx Plus? The company’s official website says a test was carried out on the efficacy of the pills in an FDA approved-laboratory. Now that is their side of the story. I wanted something more cogent. In fact, I went all the way to read up on the research they carried out on men within the age rate of 25-50 years. These men were suffering from sexual dysfunction and agreed to participate in the research under anonymity. Out of the 75 men that participated excluding three people that dropped out of the research, all of them concluded that they experienced higher sexual urge with a fuller penis while taking VigRx Plus. You can read more on the process and outcome of the research here. After the study, it was concluded that VigRx Plus was quite effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men especially on those that followed through with the research. It was also found that the pill was well tolerated.

Overview Of The Most Significant Clinical Study Results

Result #1:
62.82% INCREASE in ability to maintain erection penetration.

After 84 days of supplementation with VigRX Plus®, guys who participated in the trial saw a 62.82% INCREASE in their ability to keep their erection thick, full, and firm during penetration of their partner.

This was as compared to the placebo group, see the chart below:

Ability to maintain erection after penetration (Q4 of IIEF)
VigRx Plus
2.56 ±1.1 4.02 ±1.62 62.82%
2.44 ±1.1 2.66 ±1.34 10.18%
IIEF scores are expressed as Mean ±2SD

Result #2:
58.97% INCREASE in ability to penetrate partner

During this study, both the patient AND their sexual partners were questioned using the EDITS scale, and their sexual satisfaction was measured and compared – VigRX Plus® vs. the placebo.

One particularly interesting result…

Female partners of patients taking VigRX Plus® reported a 58.97% INCREASE in their partner’s ability to penetrate them, with dramatic improvements in their overall satisfaction!

Meanwhile, those partners of patients taking the placebo reported a DECREASE in penetration during this same period!
See the chart below:

Ability to penetrate the partner (Q3 of IIEF)
VigRx Plus
2.69 ± 1.12 4.12 ± 1.6 58.97%
2.64 ± 1.08 2.63 ± 1.38 4.86%
IIEF scores are expressed as Mean ±2SD

Result #3:
22.49% INCREASE in quantity of orgasms
Compared to the placebo group, the men taking VigRX Plus® reported, over the 84 day test period, a 22.49% increase in the total number of orgasms they had.

Last we checked, more orgasms definitely equated to BETTER overall sexual satisfaction.

Result #4:
47.00% INCREASE in sex drive and desire

One of the reasons VigRX Plus® was evaluated to be, potentially, superior to prescription erection medications is because it has been shown to measurably increase desire for sex.

Prescription meds just affect your erections – they don’t impact your sex drive.

Yet sex drive and erection quality are LINKED!

So it stands to reason, given that VigRX Plus® has been shown to increase desire for sex by 47% as well as increase erection quality and frequency, it could be considered BETTER than prescription meds!

Result #5:
71.43% INCREASE in sexual and intercourse satisfaction

Men who took VigRX Plus® for the trial period also reported a 71.43% improvement in their sexual and intercourse satisfaction.
This compared to the only 12% improvement reported by those who took the placebo!

That means guys who took VigRX Plus® were almost 6 TIMES more sexually satisfied during the 84-day trial than those who took the placebo!

Result #6
61.00% INCREASE in overall secual satisfaction

And finally when all of the results were in, after 84 days the patients taking VigRX Plus® reported a 61.00% increase in their overall sexual satisfaction!…

…While the placebo group reported a DECREASE in overall satisfaction!

And don’t forget: this was a triple-blind study, which means the doctors, the researchers, and the patients all had NO IDEA whether they’d taken the placebo of VigRX Plus®.

This completely eliminates any bias in the results!

Erection Quality Scores Compared Over 12 Weeks:

As you can see, over the 12 weeks trial periode, VigRX Plus® produced measurable increases in erection quality scores, when compared to the placebo.

How safe is VigRx Plus?

If you are like me, you would want to know how safe this pill is. This took me to a study that was carried out on the Safety, Efficacy and Purity of VigRx Plus in enhancing male sexual health. For the purpose of the study, male rats were used because they bear organ similarities with humans. After 12 weeks of carrying out the research on the rats and administering 30 mg/kg on them daily, the result showed a significant increase in the level of blood testosterone in the rats. No notable histopathological changes were found in the tissues. With this preliminary result, it supports the claim that VigRx Plus is both safe and is effective in treating sexual dysfunction in males. Although more studies are still needed, it is safe at this point to say that VigRx Plus is indeed safe to be used. Another interesting fact that backed up the efficacy of this pill was also noticed in the rats used for the experiment. 2 weeks into the experiment, the rats showed a significant increase in their sexual behavior. These included ejaculation latencies and increased intromission. Others were ejaculation and mounting frequencies. After 12 weeks of the study, a study into the rats sperm concentration showed a significant increase. Increased width of an erect penis was also evident. Another study that backs the potency of VigRx Plus in increasing penile size, sperm density, testosterone level and intracavernous pressure without having any pathological effects on the kidney, lever, testes histology can be found here. Here is presenting the effects VigRx Plus on 75 men in a tabular presentation:

Customer review of VigRx Plus

Up to 90% of those that partook in the research for 84 days reported that they would continue to take VigRx Plus because of the sexual improvement and overall satisfaction with VigRx Plus of which they can testify to. You can download the report on it here.

What is VigRx Plus made of?

This pill is made with natural herbal extracts such as Tribulus Terretris, Damiana, Epimedium Leaf Extract, Asian Red Ginseng, Ginkgo Leaf, Saw Palmetto Berry, Hawthorn Berry, Catuaba Bark, etc. The major component of this drug is Bioperine which is potent in increasing the rate of absorption of pills by the digestive system. This is one area that VigRx Plus boasts of which other competitors are battling to meet up with. With Bioperine, VigRx Plus bypasses the 5-20% chance of drugs being absorbed in the stomach lining than other ingredients without it. I must confess that I was quite impressed when I saw the ingredients used in making VigRx Plus because these are proven natural substances that have been used over the years to improve men’s health without adverse effect. What is the prescription and recommended dosage? The company says that since the pill is completely natural, no prescription is therefore needed before anyone can use it. For the dosage, a minimum of 90 days is recommended.


Although I am not the type that is easily convinced or someone that moves with the band wagon, I have to admit that I VigRx Plus is as safe and efficient as they claimed. I always like to base my decisions on facts and having gone through these research, I am beyond convintion that it is safe for anyone who needs help with erectile dysfunction. The fact that it is made with natural herbs is an added bonus. This eliminates the fear that the pill might contain harmful substances or that it may have adverse side effect in the long run. But with all that I have been able to find out, you can rest all your inhibitions and go for this all-powerful male enhancement pills to rekindle the fire in your sex life. You should also make sure that you are getting VigRx Plus from a trusted website.

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