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Why Does The Penis Shrink?

One of the most frequent topics I have heard men talk about is the issue of penis shrinkage. Come to think of it, most men would want to increase the size of their penis. And now here comes the issue of the penis shrinking. As hard a pill this issue is to swallow; it’s possible. […]

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Benefits and Side Effects of Masturbation

The name masturbation is not new to many folks. This is because many people had at one point in their lives gotten involved in the act. This has made masturbation a common activity and a way by which many explore their body and get to relieve themselves of built-up sexual tension. Masturbation is not limited […]

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Guys Here’s How To Have An Intense Orgasm

There are so many things guys are willing to talk about. But, when it comes to issues regarding sex, men are hardly interested in sharing tips and tricks that work for them. This is why we had to seek the help of sexologists who have dealt with a lot of sex-related issues and know what […]

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