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ProExtender Review

If you're looking to enlarge your penis size, then you most likely have been searching various ways to remedy this "situation." One of the possible solutions you may have found is the ProExtender, which is being sold both in its basic version and its deluxe version. If you're wondering whether it's worth it to spend the money for this product, then here's a review to answer that question.


First of all, the ProExtender is a clinical device that was developed by a Danish plastic surgeon, Dr. Jog Ege Siana. It is a full-fledged type 1 medical device that works by traction. This is a medical method that encourages the growth of cells by the stretching of tissue. Constant stretching on a regular basis, the cells will collapse and try to heal. The healing process encourages cell growth. This principle has been used for a variety of uses like plastic surgery and other uses. ProExtender does this by using two-inch extension bars. Application of these bars help stretch out your penis so that it can get better. It is primarily aimed at men who have flaccid penises of around two to seven inches. The ProExtender Deluxe just not has the one set of two-inch extension bars. It also has a second set of two-inch extension bars and another pair of half-inch extension bars. This is primarily for men who have flaccid penises of around two to nine inches in length.


Using the ProExtender is pretty much like other penis extenders on the market. You slide the base ring and extender bars over your penis. You then place the head of your penis through a silicone band to keep it in place. You then tighten the band to keep your penis in place. The extender bands are then adjusted to the amount of traction that you want to get. For those who have got the deluxe version, you can put in additional bars to further increase your length. At the start, the manufacturer has you wear it around four to five hours a day. That's just the beginning though. You should be able to progress to wearing around 12 hours a day. Besides that, if you want to get maximum effect, you will want to take additional penis enhancing medicine such as Vigrx Plus. As for results, you can start seeing them in around eight weeks. You can expect around an eight percent increase in size after two months. That's still a bit small in size. If you want a sizable increase, you are going to need to wear it around 24 weeks. By that time, you can expect a 30% increase in size. That means you can get an average increase of around two millimeters every week from wearing the ProExtender.


Overall, I would recommend people to buy and use the ProExtender and the ProExtender deluxe. The device is easy to use and has solid results. You'll definitely get your money's worth. Plus it comes with a massive 187 day money back guarantee. Click the ad below now to buy direct from manufactoror!