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VigRX Plus Pills
VigRX Plus Pills VigRX Pills

VigRX is at the top of the list when it comes helping men improve sexual performance. There's nothing out there that would be able to beat the pills ingredient quality or production methods. Its manufacturers only use the best available herbs and other natural components to prepare the VigRX mix, combined with only top-of-the-line pharmaceutical production methods. It's created in qualified labs by some of the most skilled specialists around, delivering a pill that will stand as one of the most effective sex potency products on the market today.

Other companies have tried to imitate the VigRX formulation or even use swome of the same ingredients they use. But many have failed. This is because only VigRX knows the exact mix of ingredients that will deliver the best results.

VigRX Pills


One of the many ingredients that can be said to have a long history, epimedium has been in use for more than 1600 years now. Ground up and used as a tonic, it has been known to help boost the reproductive system. Herbal tradition has epimidium being used to increase a person's sexual drive and to remove impotence. Nowadays, these claims have been proven true by modern science. Studies show that epimedium can affect the levels of cortisol, which is a primary hormone when it comes to managing stress. When cortisol levels are high, the body experiences fatigue and the sex drive is lowered. When cortisol levels are reduced to normal, a person can get his energy and libido back. That's not all. Epimedium can also raise the levels of testosterone and thyroid hormone, both of which can improve your sexual drive.

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One of the most well-know herbs for treating sexual dysfunction impotence and lowered libido, muira puama is a shrub from Brazil that has been in use in local folk medicine for years. Scientific studies now show how effective this particular herb is. Though the chemical processes that allow it to work are still a big mystery. It has been proven to benefit a lot of men who suffer from various forms of sexual problems and difficulties.

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Ginkgo leaf is a herb that is well-loved in traditional Eastern medicine. It is mostly know for its ability to help improve a person's blood flow. This is because it boosts microcirculation, which is the blood movement at capillary level. This is a big help to those who suffer from sexual problems because it boosts the blood flow to the genitals during an erection. This makes it more sensitive and harder. A study back in 1989 only proved how beneficial ginkgo is to those suffering from genital difficulties. Those treated with ginkgo immediately experienced improvement in their erectile performance. The herb doesn't just help with your penis though. It also improves memory and helps with the ravages of aging

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Asian Red Ginseng PANAX GINSENG

Ginseng has long been proven as a great treatment for infertility in males, thanks to scientific studies. Eastern medicine has always held it as a great herbal cure against impotence. Scientifically, panax ginseng is known to help increase the size of the testicles and boosts sperm and testosterone levels. This means that a person will have an increased sexual drive coupled with better sexual potency.

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The early inhabitants of North America held saw palmetto as an excellent way to treat problems connected to their reproductive and urinary tract. It is better known as the "plant catheter" because of how it helps with male problems with their bladder and prostate. Its use has spread beyond North America into Europe in recent years thanks to its reputation as an aphrodisiac. Nowadays, these berries are used as a supplement to help treat a variety of genital problems, especially enlarged prostates. This is because they help prevent the conversion testosterone to hormones that increase the size of the prostate.

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Another herbal remedy from Brazil is the final ingredient to VigRX. This time it is catuaba and has been well-known among herbal experts for centuries to help with low libido and weak sexual performance. Men from South America have been seeking this herb for years to boost their flagging sexual performance and using it with the help of their tribal healers to help boost their sexual power. Today's clinical trials now prove their beliefs rights as it reveals that catuaba is a great stimulant for the central nervous system. This directly affects sexual performance by enhancing their libido. The result is the defeat of impotence and other sexual dysfunction. The modern world has seen the light about catuaba and many modern herbal specialists now recommend it as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant. Chemical analysis of catuaba has shown it contains essential substances like alkaloids, flavonoids, and more that can help improve the libido without causing any toxic side effects.

Cuscuta Seed

Better known as "dodder seed," cuscuta is a small brown seed that is well-known in both Chinese traditional medicine for having a great effect on a person's health and virility. Chinese herbalists often prescribe it to those who have problems controlling their member like urinating frequently and regular nocturnal emissions. Impotence is also something that it can treat as well as premature ejaculation. The effects of this herb have been proven in clinical trials on over 50 patients suffering from impotence. A mix of epimedium and cuscuta was used to treat them over a period of over 50 days. 38 of the 50 patients experienced complete recovery from their condition, while eight of them noted a considerable improvement in their condition. That means over 92% of the patient group experienced results and two years later have shown no recurrence of their old symptoms.

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VigRX Pills